Tuesday, September 18, 2007

i-level Media to deploy 1,000 screens in Beijing

China may have 1.3 billion people, but if the country's newfound capitalist tendencies continue, they'll have that number of digital signs in no time as well. On top of massive deployments from Focus Media, Digital Media Group and Enjoy Media, i-level Media has announced that they're entering the market with an in-taxi signage network. From their press release:
i-level Media Group Inc., China's premier digital taxi media company, today announced the successful completion of testing of its in-taxi digital media platform with Beijing Northern Taxi Co. Ltd., its primary distribution partner in China's capital city. The company had tested in Beijing Northern's taxi vehicles for a period of six weeks and the reaction from taxi passengers and drivers has been positive. The trial period has enabled the two companies to adequately refine the operating and maintenance procedures needed to ensure the reliable operation of the media network.

With the testing phase complete, i-level intends to deploy 1,000 of its digital screens in Beijing Northern's fleet in the coming weeks. Adding to its 4,000-screen advertising network in Shanghai, the company will now be able to offer its clients the additional exposure of 1,000 screens in Beijing beginning in October. Starting in November i-level's management plans to outfit the remainder of Beijing Northern's Taxis with media screens and expects to have 4,000 screens operating in Beijing by the end of the year.
Deploying that many screens on such a tight schedule is going to be challenging to say the least, but the Olympics does give them a hard deadline and a very good reason to have the system up, running, and fully vetted before the first wave of wealthy visitors hit the streets looking for a cab. I just hope their project goes a little smoother than Clear Channel's Taxi TV in New York :)

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