Monday, October 29, 2007

FamilyMart installs digital signage network in 1500 stores

Given the size of Taiwan, the number of 1000+ venue digital signage installations is downright amazing. Joining the pack is FamilyMart, who, according to this blurb from Broadcast Engineering, is deploying a 1500-store, 3000-screen network. According to the article, "content on the screen includes daily news, commercial videos, life
information, ticker text (RSS feeds and promotional messages) and
various Flash banners. Most stores installed two 32in LCD displays, one
in store for the shoppers and the other behind the store window for the
pedestrians outside."

Presumably "Flash banners" mean advertisements, in which case it would seem that the network is to be ad-funded, and the screens will be divided up into multiple zones. However, a screen positioned in the window designed to attract the attention of pedestrians might be better off showing eye-catching full-screen content. Of course, that will all depend on whether the company can make more money selling ad space or driving customers into the store and encouraging purchases. I'm always inclined to think it'd be the latter, but lots of retailers fancy themselves media companies nowadays.

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