Friday, October 05, 2007

POPAI announces a webinar for the Digital Signage Contest

Just a quick announcement to let everyone know that I'll be hosting a free webinar with POPAI to provide entrants with insights on how to successfully submit Digital Signage contest entries for the 2008 contest (submission deadline is January 18th, but we hate it when all of the applications come in at 11:59pm on the night of the 17th, so hopefully a November webinar will get people to act early).

Participants will learn about the changes to the contest and will have the opportunity to ask questions to make sure the application process is as simple and painless as possible. Topics to be covered during the webcast include:
  • Criteria for Network and Content entries
  • Creation of usernames and passwords
  • Creation of entry and entry team
  • Uploading photo images and video
  • Payment of entry fees
  • Case history question revisions
  • Category/Division changes
  • Shipping entries
  • Set-up & Tear-Down Entries
If you folks don't know about POPAI's Digital Signage contest, it's a spinoff from their famous OMA (Outstanding Merchandising Achievement) contest, which has been going on for 50 years now. Needless to say, this is THE digital signage contest to enter, and I'm not just saying that because I'm chairing the committee ;) The award carries with it a lot of prestige, industry accolades, and is presented at a very impressive, Academy Awards-style gala.

So mark your calendars for the webinar, and visit for more details on what you'll need to submit, what the applications look like, and how much you'll need to slip me to take home the gold!!!

(just kidding about that last part, of course)

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