Friday, November 16, 2007

Gas Station TV puts screens into convenience stores

It seems as though gas stations in general are making a big move towards integrating kiosks and digital signage systems into more and more into their business.

Within the last two weeks we've reported about both pay-by-touch kiosks and ones that offer directions being implemented in gas stations across the country. Now, comes this story in Forbes about Gas Station TV's plan to place screens inside gas station convenience stores in addition to ones they already have at pumps. According to the article, "GSTV's large-format LCD panels are positioned in high-traffic areas inside the convenience store and feature GSTV's well-balanced mix of news and entertainment from ABC television, sports highlights from ESPN, AccuWeather forecasts, brand advertising and c-store product promotions."

The way to make this most effective is to sync the screens to provide the most appropriate content at the right time. For example, the screens at pumps would play ABC, ESPN and the weather updates along with advertisements for products and special deals at the c-store. This way customers can watch useful/entertaining content while they fill their tanks but still be informed of deals happening just inside the store. Inside, the screens should be focused entirely on reinforcing those advertisements and promotions to hit the customer at their point-of-decision. This one-two punch minimizes the chances of annoying customers at the pump, but still provides motivation to go into the store. Once there, the digital signs can work their magic, improving awareness and driving sales.

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