Thursday, November 29, 2007

Is Thomson getting ready to start more in-store TV networks?

CNN Money notes that, "French media and technology services company Thomson SA (TMS) is in talks to launch in-store TV networks in France and other European
countries, a company executive said Wednesday."

There's not a whole lot of information aside from that, other than a note that the company's PRN division (of Wal-Mart TV fame) was expected to produce $150M in revenues in 2006, which by my measure would be more than half of the total US digital signage advertising market for that year.

So Adrian at the Daily DOOH thinks JC Decaux might be on the verge of picking a tech partner to start going after digital out-of-home deals in a big way, and now we hear this tidbit about PRN, particularly with regard to European (and other) markets. Where will these giants collide? Will they try to work together, with JC Decaux lending their ad sales and media planning experience to the current kind of in-store media? Or will they battle it out, since they're likely to be going after the same deals? Given that JC Decaux is looking at software options, I'm inclined to think it'll be the latter, but as these deals grow larger, there's enough money involved and enough existing relationships in place that you'd have to imagine the two firms working together in some capacity at least some of the time.

It'll be interesting to watch how this one plays out...

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