Thursday, December 06, 2007

Once again, video in bars proves effective

We've discussed digital signage in bars at this blog before, but yet another study has come out revealing that patrons respond positively to ads placed on video screens in bars.

According to Marketing Charts, a survey conducted by i-am TV revealed that, "Nearly 70% of the audience in bars where i-am TV operates reported viewing the network’s extreme sports programming, two-thirds of viewers recalled seeing advertising and one-third recalled a brand-specific commercial." i-am TV also claims to reach some of the most challenging demographics, noting that 75% of viewers are between the ages of 21 and 34 with a four-year college degree or better, and 46% have household incomes of over $75,000.

I think the image of a bar as a place where most people go and get completely wrecked and don't remember what happened the night before is a stereotype. Today most people go to bars and might have enough drinks to get a buzz going, but that's all. Gen X and Y made bars and clubs into socially acceptable meeting places, so while there's still plenty of imbibing taking place, it's not unreasonable to think that people are actually remembering the advertisements and video content they viewed the night before.

For advertisers and people who want to put digital signs into bars, there's a line that needs to towed. Right now bars might seem like effective places to advertise, but if they get too filled with ads they'll probably start to bleed customers, especially in places like New York City, where there are plenty of other places to go. The first folks to leave will be the hipper crowds (read: richer patrons on the cutting edge with lots of disposable income) and all of those prime demos that the ads reach will fade away and less desirable ones will take their place.

It's best for ads on video screens to work as seamlessly as they can into the surroundings so as not to affect the overall vibes of any given bar.

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