Monday, January 28, 2008

GSTV research indicates strong brand recall for pump-top digital signage

According to this press release, 70% of participants in a recent Nielsen Media Research study recalled advertising shown on GSTV's network of digital signs at gas pumps. Additionally, 78% of participants agreed that GSTV was, "a good source of product information," with 84% further indicating that they, "will watch or listen to GSTV at their next visit." The study apparently also indicated that, "advertising national brand recall on the GSTV network averaged an extremely high 50% among respondents recalling one or more brands. Additionally, 84 percent of the key 18-24 year old demographic recalled more than one ad."

I'm not a big fan of soft, squishy "results" like "it's a good source of information," but the brand recall stats, if true, are more interesting. A 50% recall rate is not exactly "extremely high," as the release would like to have us believe, but it's nothing to scoff at either. The real question (to me) is whether the ads were actionable -- were they able to compel the viewer to make an additional purchase... for a car wash perhaps, or something inside the convenience store. That's where the big money is for most small gas station owners, and it likewise seems that's where the key opportunity for the digital signs would be as well.

Of course, this was paid-for research, so like always, take the results with a grain of salt. The description of the methodology was pretty nice, though:
The GSTV research was an intercept study conducted across thirty-three four-hour dayparts at 20 client provided stations in the greater Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York areas August 10-23, 2007. Interviews were conducted with 595 station visitors 18 and after they completed their refueling experience. Viewing estimates assume 100 percent media compliance. Recall estimates reflect total unaided, aided and photoprompted recall. Agreement estimates reflect strongly and somewhat agree on a five point scale.
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