Monday, January 07, 2008

The morning press - digital signage news for January 7

Here are some of the more interesting bits and pieces I've seen around the 'net these last few days...
  • OneStop investors sell part of stake, but retain big plansMishorim Development Ltd. have sold 13.33% of OneStop Media Group for C$5 million, “reflecting a company value of C$37.5 million. Mishorim subsidiary Skyvision Telemedia Inc. sold 5% of Onestop for C$2.2 million, diluting its stake in the company from 42% to 37%.”
  • SAMSUNG Introduces 70" LCD For Digital Signage Applications - The SyncMaster 700DXn [is] designed for corporate and commercial digital signage applications. On account of its high-performance, coupled with its ease-of-use, the70-inch large format display was named a 2008 CES Innovations Honoree.
  • Westinghouse to release first-ever Digital Wireless HDMI HDTV - Westinghouse and Pulse-LINK today announced the world's first fully integrated wireless HDTV. The LCD TV features Pulse-LINK's CWave UWB Wireless HDMI technology, which wirelessly streams visually lossless video and audio content in real-time between sources and displays. I'm pretty sure there's no such thing as a REAL wireless HDMI spec, so don't expect to see a standard offering anytime soon.
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