Monday, January 14, 2008

The morning press - digital signage news for January 14

Here are some of today's interesting clips from the web:

  • ReportOnBusiness summary of the Wal-Mart Canada deployment - Over the holiday season, Wal-Mart Canada launched a series on its screens that showed an animated character named Lisa - the retailer's prototypical shopper - and her husband and three children. Over the next several months, Lisa will appear in similar segments depicting how she deals with family issues, such as preparing dinner after work. yeah, I know we've seen this before, but the article summary adds some pretty nice context.
  • BroadSign uses Arbitron's PPM technology to audit proof-of-play - According to Arbitron, the PPMs accurately detected the embedded code and the PPM's times of code detection precisely matched the media file play times as shown in the BroadSign proof of play reports. This high level of matching indicates that the programming loop and all its components played as scheduled during the test period.

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