Thursday, January 03, 2008

PRN Worldwide names new president

Just this morning Adrian at dailyDOOH suggested that, "a lot of 'heavy hitters (aka good people) will flock to the Digital Out of Home industry sector." Apparently listening to his prognostication and acting on immediately (so as to seem very savvy indeed), PRN just announced that they've selected a new president to head their worldwide operations. From this press release:
Thomson today announced that PRN, its retail out-of-home media group, has tapped Richard Fisher as President of Premier Retail Networks worldwide. Fisher will oversee all PRN activities and will lead the development and strategic growth of the company....

Fisher is well known in the media industry as the founder of ZDTV, now known as G4/TechTV, the 24-hour cable network devoted to computers and the Internet. Fisher also served as CEO of eMotion, the digital asset management software and service provider recently sold to Corbis. Previously, Fisher was President of RespondTV, an interactive television service provider, and held key positions with Chronicle Broadcasting and Home Box Office.
Making a tech guy the head honcho tells me that PRN could be shifting back towards its old business of managing the nuts-and-bolts of its client networks, whereas recently it looked like they were trying to get away from that business and more into content creation and ad sales (which, of course, they've also been doing for a long time). On the other hand, Fisher might just have some good ideas about higher-level system integration that will make his networks more palatable to media buyers and planners used to pushing a button and having content whiz to various endpoints for a known fee, and with an estimate-able return.

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