Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ad Age gives Reactrix some lovin'

What a difference a few years makes... not too long ago, it seemed like Advertising Age wanted nothing to do with marketing at retail, out-of-home, or really anything that wasn't print, radio, TV or (occasionally) Internet-advertising related.

These days, they routinely scoop us on interesting happenings involving digital signage, interactive promotions like retail kiosk installations, mobile marketing and all sorts of other interesting things. Part of it is probably that our side of the industry has matured enough to be worth paying attention to.

Another part is probably that some of the players in our field have sucked it up and hired good PR companies. Last Thursday's article about Reactrix could represent some of both. My own feelings about "'Minority Report'-Type" things aside, AdAge has a pretty cool description of some of the new promotions that Reactrix is running on its series of interactive, projected image screens found in malls, movie theaters and other places. The article also notes that Reactrix will soon start playing up the powerful calls to action that we can use in retail settings, saying that, "coming in the fourth quarter is a brand-positioning system that will allow marketers to direct customers to the nearest location where they can buy the product they've just played around with on their Reactrix ad."

Of course, with measurement all the rage in the media world these days, it's also an opportunity to show off how great OOH is when it comes to measuring engagement as well as opportunity to see: "An Arbitron study recently found 75% of consumers who put their eyes on a Reactrix display spent an average of 10 minutes interacting with Reactrix ads. That's in addition to the video technology Reactrix is adding to its 186 venues in 31 markets to provide a more precise estimate of who is actually seeing the ads, such as the Traffic Audit Bureau's "eyes-on" metric of yore."

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