Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wendy's putting digital ads in bars

Wendy's and agency MediaVest New York have decided to promote the QSR's goods via a digital out-of-home campaign on 5,100 Ecast digital juke box screens in bars and restaurants. In a sudden outbreak of common sense, they apparently realized that they could target only those locations located within one mile of a Wendy's, in an attempt to encourage late-night revelers to take a short walk and get a cheap meal or snack, according to AdAge.

The Ecast units will feature content that straddles the line between kiosk and digital signage. While browsing for music to play, users may run into an unobtrusive banner-style ad, which, when touched, can expand into a full-blown interactive micro-site.

While the concept is pretty exciting, Wendy's spokesperson Bob Bertini said this type of campaign is "very
new" for the company and noted that despite this being the second campaign they've run with Ecast (the first was in January
for a special "99-cent Stack Attack" promotion), that it's still too early
to quantify return on investment. Of course, with a $435M digital ad budget to spend and a mandate from the higher-ups to do anything and everything to win over the coveted 18-34 year old demo, I'd be surprised if they didn't try any more of these hyperlocal campaigns out this year.

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