Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Posterscope study "substantiates the power of out-of-home"

As MediaWeek reports, out-of-home specialist Posterscope USA released a new study aimed towards making the out-of-home media buying process easier in light of the bevy of new types of ad formats released in the past decade or so. "The company polled 5,000 Adults 15-64 about their receptivity across all media, including mobile, out-of-home newspapers, magazines, cinema, radio, TV and the Internet. In addition to media habits, [the study, called OCS] delved into several lifestyle and demographic factors such as life stages, activities, hobbies and interests, values and attitudes, technology usage, and more standard demographic variable including age, income, education and occupation." The findings were pretty interesting (and these are more or less plagiarized directly from the MediaWeek article):
  • Young adults are very receptive to out-of-home advertising, spending more time with out-of-home than the average adult: 84% of young adults notice advertising in movie theaters, 12% more likely than the average adult.
  • Airport advertising is a strong vehicle for reaching affluent adults, with more than half (57%) noticing advertising in airports
  • 47% credit airport advertising with helping them to pass the time.
  • Affluent adults are 56% more likely to visit gyms, 49% more likely to visit spas and 30% more likely to visit casual dining restaurants than the general population 18 and older.
Granted there's nothing earth-shattering about the above statistics, but they do point to the fact that while OOH advertising currently captures about 2% of the total ad spend here in the US, its influence is growing, particularly in the key demographic that most marketers will do (practically) anything to reach.

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