Thursday, May 08, 2008

POPAI promotional pricing produces plethora of premier players

eh, you say?

An interesting thing happened a few weeks ago. We got together on a big conference call to discuss standards for digital signage business and technology and... people are actually doing stuff!

I know it's a bit early to get optimistic (and people who know me would generally remark that it's not in my nature anyway), but we've got a big group of companies involved -- most of the key networks and tech firms -- the calls so far have produced actionable tasks and reasonable goals, and despite the sheer size and complexity of the project, we're actually getting organized.

On the marketing end of things, our digital signage advocacy group is putting together a full roster of webinars (and if I have my way, some of them will actually be free), we've got a sample annotated RFI coming out, and we've started a new blog to gauge industry opinion and get more POP and retail marketing guys involved in the conversation.

We've also convinced them that it's essential to get as many companies on board with the same industry association... NOW.

So they agreed to drop their membership price until May 15th in hopes that we can convince those people who want to make a difference in the digital signage community to sign up and get involved while we have all of this momentum built up. So far, results have been good. But anybody that might have something to contribute should check out this deal before it's over.

If you're a content creation company, digital advertiser, network aggregator, logistics company, hardware supplier, software company or anybody else involved with digital signage, I definitely recommend you think about joining POPAI. Aside from free access to mountains of research data and heavy discounts to various shows, conferences and webinars, you'll also be able to rub elbows with the digital signage glitterati, those superstars of the indus...

ok, I can't even type that with a straight face :) However, you will find a bunch of like-minded people who are passionate and very vocal about the industry, and who, combined, are probably working on most (if not all) of the interesting projects going on out there today.

Sound like something you might be interested in? Yes? Then email Berk Cotter ( or give him a call at 703-373-8819, but do it before the 15th, since prices will revert back to their normal levels after that.

Questions? Concerns? Doubts?

Leave a comment below and I'll try to answer them from my perspective as an active member for the past three or four years. And no, I'm not being bribed to write this stuff. I just want to make sure that we have everybody on board before the really heavy decisions start getting made.

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