Friday, May 30, 2008

Target launches another in-store TV channel, this time in pharmacies

According to the In-Store Marketing Institute, Target is testing a new addition to its Channel Red in-store TV network that will be put into 100 pharmacy departments (to start) and will focus on, "health and wellness products across various categories and departments, including apparel (the chain's exclusive Champion C9 line), electronics (Nintendo's Wii Fit video game) and grocery (organic SKUs from private label Archer Farms). The network lets the chain 'bring its health and wellness strategy full circle,' according to a Target spokesperson."

As we all know, wellness is in right now (sounds silly -- shouldn't it always have been?), and Target is right to try and capitalize on the trend to the fullest extent possible. We've seen a huge surge in activity in medically-related digital signage networks over the past 9-12 months, I'm guessing for the same reason. But while the medical-ish networks always try to hide the consumerism stuff behind educational and informational content that's medically relevant, it's unclear what content approach Target will be taking with their wellness channel. Will it just be commercials? Will it be something quasi-entertaining, like what they have running elsewhere on channel Red? Will it be something entirely new and exciting? I'll have to wait until there's one in my area to check out, but if anybody has seen the new channel in place, leave a comment and enlighten us all.

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