Monday, July 14, 2008

Magna Insights: emerging OOH to reach nearly $2B in 2009

MarketingCharts pointed out this study (pdf link) from Magna Insights that looks at the current and near-future distribution of media dollars, indicating more or less the usual -- TV still commands the lion's share of ad spend dollars, while the outdoor segment (which traditionally contains most of the OOH spend numbers) continues to drive less than 2% of the overall budget.

The good news, though, is that "emerging" OOH is expected to grow handily in the next 18 months, from $1.592 billion today to $1.954 billion in 2009, suggesting growth in excess of 22%.

That sounds pretty impressive -- and in some rights, it is -- but when you consider the base and growh of some of the most aggressive players right now, namely search ($13.8B in 2009, and still growing at 24%), online video ("only" $805M right now, but growing at over 45%) and even social media, which is somehow driving nearly $1.5B in ad sales, and s growing at over 60% this year (down from an inexplicable 142% last year).

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