Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A "Customer Bill of Rights" for digital signage network operators?

Two weeks ago I posted an article about how some were predicting a Minority Report-like shopping experience in as little as 5-10 years. While the author's intent was to highlight the huge advances in technology that would make personalization useful and effective, I chose to highlight the privacy issues instead. As usual, nobody took the bait and started a much-needed discussion on the issue of consumer privacy.

So last week over on the WireSpring blog I did another post, this time focusing on what would happen if there was some kind of Bill of Rights that all shoppers would be entitled to (my not too subtle title: Digital signage networks must guarantee viewer privacy). Who would be responsible for drafting it? Administering it? Punishing violaters? What kind of rights would be guaranteed, anyway? And what if nobody was interested?

This time, a bit of a discussion seems to be brewing, and I'd like to encourage more -- enough that some of the industry bodies will actually say something (which may be to the effect of "nothing's wrong. we're not doing anything).

But I think this is an important issue that, in a few years time, will become the important issue for marketing at-retail.

If you have a second, read up, and then join the discussion.

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