Monday, August 25, 2008

PRN taking over the Walmart Mexico network

Long known for their work in the US Walmart stores (as an aside - does anybody else think that 'Walmart' just looks weird after writing 'Wal-Mart' for so many years?), PRN announced last week that they would be taking over the operation of the firm's in-store TV network in Mexico, which was originally installed and managed by Spanish language media company Televisa S.A. de C.V. As the press release they put out notes:
PRN now operates and manages the largest in-store media network in Mexico, which is currently installed in 287 large-format Walmart Supercenter stores. The system features large plasma screens in select areas within the store and 19-inch flat-panel LCD screens at checkout lanes and waiting areas. The Walmart network is driven by two channels with displays and programs specifically designed for each location within the store. The storewide channel, positioned at the traffic hot spots in the main alleys guides shoppers and informs them of products sold in the store, encouraging cross-shopping via short and targeted messages. The waiting area channel enables shoppers to watch entertaining and informative content to reduce perceived wait time while they are in line at checkout and service areas. The waiting area channel broadcasts longer messages to provide more detail to the shopper about products and services.
PRN has a group in Mexico dedicated to building the content for the network -- long gone are the days of merely repurposing plain old TV commercials. These guys know what works and what doesn't, and aren't afriad to invest in the time and manpower to do it right. Of course, that won't stop them from sourcing "high-quality branded content from a variety of areas to enrich the Walmart in-store media network," much as is done in the states.

To answer the other question you have on your minds (and to hopefully stop the influx of phone calls and emails I've been getting about it), yes, Walmart Mexico is still a WireSpring client.

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