Friday, January 09, 2009

The morning press - digital signage news for January 9

Let's see, what'd I miss this week?  A couple of the more interesting industry new items from the past few days:

  • OAAA Report 2008 OOH Revenue Flat - While researchers seem to think that digital out-of-home will see growth in 2009, the OAAA says that 2008 wasn't great: "Out of home advertising industry revenue in the USA was flat during the first nine months of 2008, accounting for $5.45 billion in advertising revenue and performing better than many other media segments. In the third quarter of the year, out of home fell six percent, accounting for $1.62 billion in total advertising expenditures."
  • Advertisers, Marketers Brace For Obama's Regulatory Impact - We haven't really had to deal much with government regulation in the digital signage sector (though our comrades in the digital billboard space surely wish they could say the same). However, there's a very real possibility that consumer advocates will make significant progress in getting more anti-marketing legislation passed in the coming years: "With regulatory-minded lawmakers set to oversee commerce and communications, and the credit crisis compelling even Republicans to rethink laissez-faire, there will probably be more power to oversee marketing at the Federal Communications Commission and Federal Trade Commission, and more rules about everything from product placement to behavioral marketing."
  • Wireless Ronin Releases Automotive Digital Signage Whitepaper - I can't imagine that the automotive sector is the best place to be looking for business right now (and a note to any Congresspeople reading this: if you bail out Detroit and let them spend taxpayer money on digital signage, I'm emigrating to somewhere. Anywhere.), but Wireless Ronin seems to be plucking away at it anyway: "Included in the whitepaper is information on why the automotive industry is so interested in what digital signage has to offer, common myths on developing ROI for automotive digital signage, and the step-by-step process on developing a successful automotive digital signage ROI strategy."
  • Search Engine for Alternative Media - This is pretty slick. DoMedia put together a search engine for all kinds of OOH media, "from trash bins to kites to beach sand" (thanks AdLab).

  • Are you a cart puller? Relevation Research notes that since 74% of shoppers pull their shopping carts behind them while going down the checkout aisle, they may not be exposed to the majority of checkout-oriented marketing messages.

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