Thursday, February 19, 2009

The morning press - digital signage news for February 19

Morning, folks. I just noticed my morning press posts haven't been posting appropriately, and are now lost to the ether. Here are some of the things I meant to post this week:

  • Wireless Ronin loses more money (they blew through nearly half their cash reserves in 2008). I know, I know, it hardly even seems like news anymore, but as one of the very few publicly-traded digital signage vendors, they at least show a model of what not to do.
  • Peter Breen at ISMI says "no promises broken with P.R.I.S.M.", noting that, "whatever the future 'reality' of a syndicated service delivering store traffic estimates and other data, P.R.I.S.M.'s 'promise' has already been achieved," by raising awareness and "staring the conversation" that needs to be had about in-store media.
  • Nike puts together snowboarders, bar codes and MMS, though not necessarily digital signs (yet). With the program, "bar codes [are printed] on the posters that Nike hands out to people. When a person takes a picture of the bar code next to a photo of an athlete in the poster and sends it to a short code set up for the campaign, he receives a short video clip and other info featuring the athlete back to his phone."
  • FTC to Marketers: Self-Regulate Behavioral Targeting. Why is this important to us? Because very soon -- especially if you follow the consumer privacy circles -- it's likely that we'll get the same request. Online privacy is one thing, but I'm guessing that people will get an even creepier feeling if their offline activities are managed and recorded, so self-regulation is going to be vital. I expect to see POPAI say something about this real soon now.

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