Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The... um... afternoon press - digital signage news for May 5

Hi folks.  Here are some of the more interesting news bits I've come across lately...

McDonalds gives a new, unique meaning to the idea of 'interactive digital signage.' Actually, interactive electronic billboards is more accurate, if you can believe it. Check out the video below:

Ad AdLab, college freshman Evan Savar asks a question about selling ads on his nascent in-bus digital signage network on buses in Las Vegas. Props to Mr. Savar for scratching the entrepreneurial itch so early on. Hope his experience in our industry doesn't turn him off to the business world for life ;)  I left a little free advice in the comments section, and noticed that Haynes has posted his own thoughts on the matter.

Captivate Network, famous for their domination of the screens-inside-elevators market, claim to have cracked the code when it comes to guaranteeing advertiser satisfaction. The secret? According to this press release, a combination of multi-platform offerings, custom research, and engagement metrics. Startling, I know. But I read it in a press release, so it must be true.

Over at Miller|Zell's Inside the Aisle blog there's a nice post about why infomercials and in-store media create lift. I know we've recommended our clients think about their in-store media in terms of direct response-style ads, but something tells me that if Billy Mayes was yelling at shoppers at the top of the aisle, by the bottom of the aisle they'd be ready to leave. I know I would be.

Finally, I know where Dave Haynes is working now, but I promised not to tell just yet.  I'm sure he'll tell you when he's ready -- probably when he's finished sewing his costume together, but possibly not until the scars from the required body modifications heal up a bit more.

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