Friday, October 09, 2009

Now THAT's a digital sign!

Repurposing vacant storefront windows as giant pedestrian-level digital signage is all well and good.  But what about those times when you want to be seen from more than just a few feet away? Well, if you're pharma giant Bayer, you just cover your entire ex-headquarters building with LEDs and turn the whole thing into a gigantic digital billboard that can be seen from miles away. Pics and videos courtesy of Engadget's article on the matter:

(here's the YouTube link for anyone viewing through Bloglines)

... and if you're fluent in German and tech, here's an explanation of how the whole thing was put together:

(youtube link)


Anonymous said...
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business signs said...

Whoa! I've seen several of these new-age business signs, but none of them were anywhere close to this size. Maybe a few stories high - but never the entire building.