Saturday, April 30, 2005

Albertsons Launches In-Store Media Network

"Albertson's, Inc. (NYSE: ABS) announced today that it is installing a new media system in key shopping areas in its stores to enhance the shopping experience for customers. The new system, which features 15-inch flat-panel LCD screens at each checkout lane and 42-inch plasma screens in select areas within the store, will roll out this spring in Albertsons stores in San Francisco, Jewel-Osco stores in Chicago, and Shaw's and Star Market stores in Boston. Other markets will follow throughout 2005.

The Albertsons media network will be driven by two systems. The network in the checkout lanes will be installed and managed by in-store media provider Premier Retail Networks (PRN). PRN will provide programming and sell advertising on the network, which will be broadcast on eye-level screens that customers can watch while waiting in line. Programming will include integrated information and advertising focused on health, home, and family.

The 42-inch plasma screens located along the perimeter of the store will be installed and managed by SignStorey, Inc. (SSI), a supplier of in-store digital advertising networks to the supermarket industry. SignStorey will provide programming and sell advertising on this network.

Read the complete press release here.

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