Thursday, May 12, 2005

Bell Canada starts major push into digital signage arena

Telecommunications Online has an interesting article on Bell Canada's push into digital signage:

"Bell’s Digital Signage Solution is a soup-to-nuts offering that provides businesses with services ranging from ad content creation and in-store equipment to digital screens for displaying ads to real-time reporting of service. Better yet, the solution gives a business the ability to update, adapt and change ads in real time via Bell Canada’s content management and distribution systems. Bell and Convergent will work jointly to commercialize the service and install equipment at customer sites.

Although the logistics of each customer site will differ, Bell Canada will equip the customer with digital screens, an IP distribution server, a digital video recorder and an IP connection. Bell can work with the customer’s infrastructure, but typically the connection would consist of either a DSL line or faster, depending on the size of the retail outlet. Bell Canada will provide the customer with a VPN connection to its own secure portal, where Bell’s professional services will take a customer’s static poster and transform it into a more dynamic format. A retail customer can also access the portal to change the content in real time based on time of day and geographic region."

Read the entire article here.

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