Thursday, May 19, 2005

Symon announces digital signage hardware

Symon Communications, Inc., a global provider of broadcast and digital signage solutions, announced today the launch of the Symon Digital Appliance (SDA-500(TM)) at the Digital Retail Expo in Chicago. The SDA series of advanced network-manageable products combines Symon's expertise in data collection and visual display technology, maximizing the efficiency and flexibility of delivering broadcast and digital signage content while minimizing costs.
Symon TargetVision digital signage solutions give retailers the tools to easily create, schedule, and broadcast unique content with the SDA-500 for any type of retail outlet. Using strategically placed flat-panel LCD or plasma displays, the SDA-500 delivers information with impact to the retail environment to maximize its reach. This greatly enhances the frequency with which product messages can be delivered. Messages with dynamic real-time data integration and content delivery are created using an integrated lineup of innovative Symon Communication components: the Symon Enterprise Server(TM).

Read the complete press release here.

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