Friday, July 08, 2005

PlayNetwork merges with Crows Nest Entertainment

According to DDI Magazine:

"Music programming and audio/video systems provider PlayNetwork Inc., Redmond, Wash., has completed its merger with digital signage and systems integration company Crows Nest Entertainment Inc. (CNE), Seattle. 'The CNE merger will provide PlayNetwork with exciting new service capabilities, namely technlogy and creative solutions for in-store digital video networks and related advertising sales services,' said CNE president Jim Wessels, who joins PlayNetwork as executive vice president of operations, in a statement. The merger was the first of several strategic growth moves for PlayNetwork. 'We are very excited that we've completed this merger and of the impact it will have in realizing our strategic growth plan,' said PlayNetwork executive chairman Lon Troxel, who now takes over the reins as CEO from Adam Brotman, in a statement."

Here's the link.

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