Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Stand alone digital signage system released

Even after several years, the press release below about a stand-alone digital signage system continues to get a lot of traffic. If you're actually looking for a standalone digital signage system with no monthly fees, I suggest you check out FireCast Digital Signage EasyStart, our new solution designed for smaller projects.

Here's the original post from 2005:

ROCHESTER, N.Y., July 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Door Six, Inc. has recently introduced the Brightboard(TM), a new line of stand-alone dynamic digital signs. Instead of a single static message printed on paper, the
Brightboard(TM) uses a bright, colorful 19" LCD display to deliver a perpetual slideshow containing high resolution images and full motion video. According to the manufacturer, the Brightboard(TM) represents a breakthrough in digital signage because it is affordable, portable and can be quickly and easily updated by the sign owner.

Available in a floor-standing pedestal configuration (approximately 5 feet tall) or a "sign-only" version light enough to be hung from a suspended ceiling grid, the Brightboard(TM) is designed to be installed in minutes by a non-technical person. Since it only requires a standard 110V outlet for operation, either configuration can be easily moved to place the message where it will attract the most attention of the target audience.

Unlike most other digital signage systems, the Brightboard(TM) does not contain a full computer or require a network connection for operation. At the heart of the Brightboard(TM) system is a solid-state custom graphics/media player which is compact, silent and has no moving parts. This allows the Brightboard(TM) to maintain its slim profile while eliminating the maintenance issues associated with complex computer hardware, networks and operating systems.

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