Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Scala partner event draws record crowd

According to a recent press release, Scala's annual partner event drew 130 delegates from 25 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. At the event, Scala announced its product roadmap for the coming year, showcased several prominent digital signage networks using their technology, and presented awards to several partners who deployed the most/best/newest networks:

The first day was dedicated to Scala’s Partners presenting their success stories to their peers in the Digital Signage industry. Included in the presentations were: Wim van den Dungen of Rabobank in the Netherlands; Markus Dierkes of IBM Germany; Matias Brianso of CEC/CNC in Spain; Ahmed El Ridi of SSS in Dubai, UAE; Barry Thurston and Peter Critchley from MIT, a division of the Beaver Group in the UK; Rafal Bremer of T-Systems in Poland; Stephan Otterbach and Markus Wetzlar of IC Lab in Germany; and Martin Kingdon of POPAI in the UK. Scala Partners presented stories of innovative digital signage installations throughout the hemisphere.

To support the event a number of Scala technology partners exhibited their related technologies for the Digital Signage industry including: Opticality (X3D), NEC Display Solutions, MultiQ, M-cube, ViewPIA, Bizet from Lavitsky Computer Laboratories Inc., and Matrox.

To round off the event a gala dinner was highlighted by the presentation of awards in three categories:

E Most Scala Players Deployed – T-Systems Poland
E Best Performing Newcomer – Centro Novo das Comunicacions (CNC) Spain
E Most New Customers -- Specialized Software Services (SSS) Dubai, UAE

The full press release can be found here, though there isn't much more information in it :)

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