Friday, December 09, 2005

PowerhousePlus Deploys StarBak Digital Signage

From a press release I picked up at Yahoo!:

PowerhousePlus, the nation's premier membership community for homeowners, announced today that it has deployed the digital signage module of StarBak's Integrated Network Video (INV) solution in shopping mall kiosks deployed throughout southern California. StarBak Communications® is the leading provider of integrated network video solutions that allow organizations to simply and easily create, manage, deliver and display video-based applications over IP networks.
A while back StarBak (of Windows Media licensing fame) had something on their web page about a digital signage offering based on some kind of remote management tools for TV set-top boxes, but I can't find anything about it now... looks like the page has been pulled. Since anybody who has calculated a budget for a digital signage rollout can tell you it's quite expensive, using commodity hardware like set-top boxes has been one way that some companies have tried to lower the cost of such systems. Unfortunately, these devices are often underpowered and don't offer the flexibility of a dedicated software package running on a high-end PC.

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