Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Visual Planet offers interactive posters

From this blog (oddly enough):

Visual Planet, a UK-based developer of dynamic interactive visual solutions, has created a new product for digital messaging. The Interactive Poster is an easy to install shrink-wrapped touchscreen solution for businesses to use as promotion and information points. The 'poster' could be particularly useful as window displays for estate agencies, jewellers and other retail outlets, as buyers and sellers can window-shop outside of opening hours. The device is based on a high-resolution interactive diffusion and holographic rear projection screen, which can be used either free standing or attached to a window to display and image between 30- and 60in, effectively turning the window into a display device. Remote control of content for displays and signage over the Internet is the next exciting development and is sure to be popular across both retail and corporate environments.

From what I can tell, while this doesn't represent a new technology in and of itself, it does fuse together a number of existing technologies, like digital signage content management, large-screen touch surfaces and holographic projection film. I'm sure it makes a killer demo, but I'd also be willing to bet that it's a bit too expensive for most companies to go and replace their existing static posters right now :)

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