Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Northern Sky Research predicts string growth for satellite-powered digital signage

From this posting at BusinessWire:

Northern Sky Research (NSR) today released its newest market survey and forecast report: Digital Media Distribution via Satellite - Assessing the Market for Digital Signage, Interactive Distance Learning and Digital Cinema. The report provides an in-depth analysis of demand trends for each digital media via satellite application in three core regions of the globe.

The report concludes that from an estimated $287.9 million in revenues in 2006, the market is expected to reach $672.8 million in 2010, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.5%. Revenue growth will be driven by both strong legacy system equipment upgrades and new IP-based enabled digital media services. An increasing volume of opportunities in digital signage, IDL and corporate communications is also developing due to a strong trend in richer and more diversified content for the enterprise.

The corporate business satellite network is evolving towards a full use suite that not only serves to train and communicate with staff but also to enrich the customer shopping experience. The retail segment will be a vital source of near-term revenues and will offer a strong and potentially large end user market for digital signage and IDL vendors and service providers. Digital signage will realize its potential over the forecast period with double-digit growth expected and through large deployments planned in retail, automotive and financial services.

In typical PR fashion there isn't a lot of info there (where on earth did they get that CAGR figure?), but there is a bit more on this page, including the obligatory industry growth chart. The major focus is on satellite distribution, but obviously the information can be extrapolated to terrestrial delivery networks as well. In fact, given how cheap commercial broadband has become, and how plentiful bandwidth is these days, if anything I'd expect terrestrial network growth to outpace that of satellite in the coming years.

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