Friday, May 26, 2006

IBN expands Duane Reade network with in-store video

IBN, who for a long time focused on in-store audio, jumped into the digital signage world last year with their announcement that they'd be rolling out an in-store audio and video network to Kroger starting in 2006. They already had the audio relationship with Kroger, so it was low-hanging fruit, so to speak.

Well, they've done it again, this time getting current customer Duane Reade (if you've ever been to Manhattan, you know who they are) to jump onto the digital signage bandwagon. From this press release (which was also forwarded to me by John Morgan at IBN):

Duane Reade, the leading drug store chain in metropolitan New York, today announced an exclusive agreement with InStore Broadcasting Network (IBN), the largest retail media network in the U.S, to provide an integrated in-store video and audio system for Duane Reade customers. This agreement expands and enhances the existing audio-only agreement between the two companies.

The satellite-delivered network, “PerfectMedia™”, uses strategically placed plasma and LCD screens and proprietary sound technology to empower Duane Reade shoppers with informative, customizable, and useful content focused exclusively on addressing Duane Reade customer interests. Duane Reade customers will now be able to receive news about existing products, new product introductions and special value opportunities.

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