Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Geotargeted ads running on UK busses

AdAge is carrying a neat article about a new media experiment running in the UK. While strapping some digital signage to the side of a bus to create a moving billboard is nothing new, the model adapted by London-based digital agency AKQA adds a new twist: geotargeting.

Basically, the system uses a GPS receiver on each bus featuring the signs to determine (more or less) the exact position of the bus, and then displays relevant advertising. The article notes, "[a]s a bus travels its route, the advertising message will change. For example, it might suggest 'Find a gym in Marble Arch' and later 'Discover a restaurant in Charing Cross.' Marketers will now be able to highlight product promotions near their stores or drive sales of slow-moving products in individual areas."

To increase interactivity and drive the message while the busses aren't in view, the campaign also uses digital signs at the bus stops themselves, which can either reinforce advertisements running on the busses, or display other locally-targeted ads.

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