Friday, October 06, 2006

Artisan announces affiliate network for digital signage

From KioskMarketplace:

With [Mobile Affiliate Advertising Program (MAAP)], advertisers make content available to leading retail, out-of-home and place-based digital signage network publishers. Campaigns are measured by consumer interaction via mobile phone text messages. Network publishers receive a commission for the interaction.
There are two problems that I see with this approach, though I think that the overall premise has a lot of potential: First, any large network is going to have some kind of elaborate sign-off process before content is approved for playback. Think IBN or PRN gets to slap up whatever content they want? No way, they have to get every piece of creative vetted by a Wal-Mart, Kroger, etc. executive first.

Second, it's going to be very hard to develop a "universal" proof of playback method that different network/software vendors can adhere to to report back on an actual number of ad impressions. Not to mention that most people haven't even settled on what exactly they're trying to measure with their at-retail media displays.

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