Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Digital Signage pushes the envelope, says Mercury Online's Eisenhauer

Self-proclaimed father of the digital signage industry* John Eisenhauer (founder of Mercury Online, now 3M Digital Signage), went to New Zealand to talk about the emerging opportunities available to digital signage purveyors and users. His insights (from this article):

Mr Eisenhauer says although digital signage has many uses unrelated to retail, such as supplying education or health information, most interest has come from advertisers and manufacturers of plasma or LCD flat panel displays. "Both of them have an immediate vested interest in the success of the industry."

Working out a business model where non-advertising information is paid for is still a challenge, he says. It will probably come through sponsorship, such as when Boots the Chemist in the UK paid for acne information to be screened.
Not much by way of new information here, but apparently digital signage business model challenges are univsersal, knowing no international boundaries :)

* If I was somebody from Scala, I'd be either upset or amused by this, or maybe both :)

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