Friday, October 06, 2006

Lots of gas station digital signage news

Seems like a busy week for the gas pump digital signage providers. First we have this (paid) research from Nielsen Media saying that Gas Station TV -- a network owner with screens in about 1,000 gas stations -- is a effective medium for reaching people at the pump. Their findings:

Gas Station TV, the IP-based digital television network, today announced results of a new study by Nielsen Media Research that showed 77% of respondents looked at, watched or listened to GSTV while refueling at stations with the service. The study also revealed that 89% intend to "watch or listen to GSTV" upon their next station visit. GSTV is grabbing the mobile consumer's attention by delivering engaging, entertaining and informative content through 20-inch LCD TV screens embedded atop gas station pumps.
As if on the heels of this news, two companies are proffering solutions for at-the-pump signage and digital merchandising. The first is software firm DynaTek, who will be demoing their solution at the upcoming National Association of Convenience Stores Convention:
At NACS, DynaTek will showcase its Digital Signage Dispenser Display Unit (DDU) that has been in quiet development along with their integrated text message and web based coupon platform. The integrated technology offer is further enhanced with DynaTek's renowned content production expertise, which educates, entertains, and informs store customers with relevant information regarding special product promotions, and allows them to instantly receive coupons from the participating advertiser and immediately redeem them in the store.
The other company is established pump equipment maker Dresser-Wayne, who is launching a new digital merchandising platform designed to integrated POS advertising promotions with displays at the pump:
The iX Media Enterprise features include:

* Custom dayparting technology to allow fuel retailers to offer specific discounts or product promotions depending on the time of day. For instance, iX Media Enterprise could advertise a coffee or breakfast-to-go special during morning drive time hours, then automatically switch to a fountain drink or snack food promotion during lunchtime.
* Dispenser-specific content distribution to provide greater flexibility in reaching specific target audiences. A fuel retailer might customize a marketing message to diesel pump customers, for example.
* An extensive video image library that allows retailers to easily create even more visually compelling promotions. EK3 Technologies’ media services division, Channel 3 Media, can also provide customized creative and production services.
So it seems like a number of people are pretty excited about this market, and given the extremely high margins of many convenience store items (indeed many gas pumps exist simply to get people into the store, even at the cost of selling the fuel at a loss sometimes), they might just be on to something.

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