Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Captivate Network reaches 400,000 Canadians a day

Normally I would say "people," not "Canadians," but Captivate is making the distinction here, not me :) As they note in this press release:

Captivate Network, the digital at-work news and entertainment network, today announced the addition of its 100th building in Toronto, making the city the second largest building total in Captivate's North American network, after New York City. This growth brings Captivate's Canadian audience to over 400,000 daily, unique viewers. This is greater than the circulation of many traditional media outlets, such as the Globe and Mail.
Claiming 20% growth in Canada over the past 12 months, Captivate says that their increased audience size makes it easier to attract advertisers, as does their 97% viewer approval rating (whatever that is).

However you want to slice it, the Captivate Network has done well since having been acquired by Gannett a while back. The capital has allowed them to place over 7,000 screens in major office buildings in the US and Canada. This is one of those cases where the acquisition really did help the acquired company attain their original vision while still being a benefit to the parent company.

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