Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Digital signage: coming to a sidewalk near you?

OLED, LCoS, LEP, PDP and other acronyms have been all the rage in digital display devices these past few years, but a new innovation could bring light emitting, moving images to the concrete beneath our feet, according to this article at Innovation Lab..

As you can see from the video, a projector shines a beam of light into a small diffuser device underneath a large brick of concrete, which sends light to individual glass or poly fibers embedded into the concrete itself, giving you a large, flat (somewhat grainy) screen that's presumably quite durable since all of the breakable parts are underneath.

I've seen a very rudimentary version of this at Epcot in Disney World, where fiber optics embedded in the ground change color as you walk past, but I haven't seen anything that actually displays a moving image.

While commercialization of the technology is probably still a ways out, you can no doubt think of the potential applications :)

Tags: digital signage, out-of-home advertising, electronic signs, electronic billboards

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