Thursday, December 14, 2006

Laura Davis-Taylor on the measurement of in-store media

Laura Davis-Taylor recently published a nice piece over at looking at the current state of affairs in retail media measurement, and the need for an appeal to shoppers/customers, and not just the retailers and advertisers pushing retail media systems. My favorite quote:

From the customer lens, just as TiVo users are no longer captive to broadcast advertising, people in-store are also fully in control. They are TiVos on feet – what they don’t care about, they ignore or walk away from. We have to earn their attention and it’s only done via relevant messages or by adding some kind of value to the shopping experience.
Advertising that actually appeals to shoppers? This shouldn't be a new idea, but sadly so many advertisers still don't seem to "get it." There are so many opportunities to stand out and actually add value to the shopping experience, and that seems to be something that many marketers miss. Instead of improving the signal-to-noise ratio, many seem happy to simply have the loudest noise out there.

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