Thursday, May 31, 2007

More mini-projection systems on tap soon

Much like this miniature projector designed for cell phones that we mentioned back in April, this article from the Visual Technology blog features a new offering from Light Blue Optics designed to deliver highly portable projection technology "really soon." Supposedly:

Only LBO’s novel approach to projection can simultaneously deliver a unique combination of features: ultra-wide throw angle, in-built speckle reduction, infinite focus, low power consumption, and a robust design with no moving parts that lends itself to miniaturization and low cost manufacture.
Obvious uses include automotive and consumer electronics, as well as digital signage (of course). I'm still waiting for something -- anything -- this size to become commercially available so that we can start playing with them to see how they actually would perform in a retail or other out-of-home environment. Unfortunately, it's all been prototypes and engineering samples so far, and it looks like LBO's offering will be the same way in the immediate future.

Tags: digital signage, projector

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