Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Solutrea joins forces with Fusion Communications to launch the Hispanic News Network

This just barely made it onto my digital signage relevance meter thanks to PowerStar's involvement (they make digital signage solutions -- but hey, who doesn't?), but it's an interesting media play, and warrants a bit more attention. From the press release:

Solutrea Inc., the main subsidiary of Powerstar International Inc., the wireless and digital signage solutions provider, has entered into a Joint Venture Partnership with Fusion Communications to start the Hispanic News Network (HNN).

The Hispanic Population is the fastest growing demographic in the United States. The vastly under represented Hispanic market has few network news viewing alternatives and the launch of HNN will fill a rapidly growing need for quality Spanish -language news programming. HNN is being produced in cooperation with a major Mexican Television station and will be distributed via their local US affiliates as well as via major cable providers.

While there isn't a digital signage play in sight just yet, I wouldn't be surprised if that came into play later on, especially given the number of Hispanic-focused media agencies, retailers, etc. that have come out of the woodwork lately. While I fully agree what the Hispanic demo is the fastest growing one in the US right now, I also know that over 95% of them watch TV in English at home. Is that just because of a lack of good Spanish-language content? I have no idea, but between Televisa, Telemundo and Univision, which are all massive and extremely well-capitalized companies, I'm not quite sure how this small player is going to differentiate themselves.

I will say one thing - taking a stand as a premier provider of Spanish-language content for in-store media networks could make some marketing noise. I don't know what kind of revenue stream such a venture could hope to make, but that is a niche that doesn't have any major occupants (in the US at least) right now.

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