Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Germans combat DWI with pee-powered interactive digital signage

Could I make this stuff up? We've all seen/heard about purely non-interactive digital signage in public restrooms before, but I've never heard of anything like this (courtesy of Brand Experience Lab, and originally from Adfreak).. I would love to have been in the initial strategy meeting, which may have gone something like...

German Public Service Guy: We're having a big problem with drunk drivers leaving the pub at 4am and getting into car wrecks.

Saatchi & Saatchi: We can certainly help you with that.

GPSG: We need something really great, really catchy -- something that will grab a person's attention and make them realize what they're about to do. Like that "Think Different" campaign you did for Apple.

S&S: Um... that was TBWA\Chiat\Day

GPSG: Oh. Well, just do what you did in those Volkswagon commercials. Germans love Volkswagons, you know.

S&S: No, that was Chiat Day again.

GPSG: Ah. Well, what have you done lately?

S&S: Well, we did Lovemarks. That was a big success. Lots of mindshare. Tons of press.

GPSG: No, Lovemarks doesn't sound like it will work with a bunch of drunk guys in a pub. What was the name of that other agency you mentioned?

S&S: No, wait... it's coming to me... guys... pub... booze: I know! An interactive video game played on LCD screens in pub bathrooms and controlled by a stream of urine.

Other S&S Guy (you know, the quiet one who never says anything and nobody's ever quite sure why he's there): Brilliant. Massive ROI, just massive.
There's no talk of how they'll be measuring the performance of the screens, but at least we know it will be easy to measure viewer engagement.

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