Thursday, October 11, 2007

Streetblimps uses Google Earth in outdoor ad campaigns, and other OOH news

A few OOH odds and ends from around the web...

Here's an interesting little tidbit from MediaWeek about an outdoor advertising company named Streetblimps that is using Google Earth to track their ads, literally. This concept will definitely appeal to advertisers looking for local exposure, since they'll be able to tell specifically where their advertisement is getting exposure. It also brings to the table a new form of tracking for out of home ads. Hypothetically, advertisers could be given a report by Streetblimps stating where there ad was located and how long it was there for. Advertisers could then look at surrounding stores and see if the ad increased purchasing at all, compared to other areas that lacked advertising.

Related, JCDecaux is now trying to further expand their bikes for billboards advertising campaign into Dublin according to RTE news. This really is an interesting concept and it's especially important to see how different cities react to the plan, because it provides a good idea of how they'd react to other out-of-home advertising campaigns as well (including those that might provide fewer and/or more dubious benefits to city dwellers and visitors). I'll also be watching to see how American cities and citizens react to this kind of campaign considering JCDecaux has plans to bring this type of ad campaign to the states.

Next up, throwing their hat into the alternative advertising world is DOmedia, a firm launched during New York's Advertising Week to, "simplify the process of buying and selling alternative advertising media", according to their "About Us" page. They continue, "having had experience on both sides of the transaction, we understood the challenges both marketers and asset owners faced. We also knew that with the rapid changes in media consumption, alternative advertising channels would take on bigger roles in companies' branding campaigns. Our plan was to address the obstacles facing industry participants while promoting the creative and effective use of out-of-home and ambient advertising vehicles."

There isn't much of a dialog happening on the site just yet, but that's understandable since it just started up. The site design is great looking and very accessible and I think the idea behind it has a lot of potential. Here is the websites press release via Yahoo! Finance.

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