Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Digital billboards get 2 thumbs up

On the heels of the Inc. article we mentioned yesterday comes some good news (for OOH advertisers, anyway) about the effectiveness of electronic billboards: they work, well. To begin with, MediaPost tells us that Arbitron just released the results of a study which concluded that:
  • 80% of travelers said they think the billboards provide an important community service (such as Amber Alerts)
  • 83% of viewers saying they recalled at least one out of nine advertisements in the test group
  • 65% saying they recalled two
  • 20% said they were motivated to visit a featured store after seeing an ad on a digital billboard
  • 15% said they would visit a featured restaurant
  • Roughly 90% of motorists said they paid attention to digital billboard ads at least some of the time (I'd like to think they were paying attention to the road the rest of the time, but they were probably talking on the phone, sending txt messages, ironing, etc.)
Additionally, another Arbitron study found that digital billboards actually benefit other media too, in one of those rare 1+1=3 situations. Specifically, "thirty-five percent of respondents were
reminded of a local radio station, and 28% noted a TV show to watch
because of digital billboard ads."

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