Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Adspace says advertisers see 38% sales lift

... ok, a 38% promotional lift in one particular case -- but that's a start, right? ;)

In today's press release, mall digital signage network operator Adspace recounts that, "a recent test in 12 shopping centers with the Adspace Digital Mall Network showed that when a major anchor department store discounted $145 Cole Haan men's loafers to $99, Adspace increased promotional lift 38 percent"  The test was done against a control group of malls that had similar traffic and demographics, also ran the Cole Haan sale, but did NOT advertise it on the digital signage network (in those malls, the store saw net sales lift of 15.1%. Stores in malls that did advertise on the screens saw lifts of 20.8%).

Curiously, the press release also notes how people tend to shop in malls less frequently during times of economic hardship. While they try to play that up as yet another reason for lease-bound mall tenants to advertise on the screens, I have to suspect that less traffic = less money for Adspace and everybody else who makes their living inside of shopping malls.

Still, I have to wish them the best. I also wish that they and others would run more split-test experiments like this, and let us know the details.

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