Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcoming Experiate to the blog party!

Paul Flanigan, who runs the in-store network at Best Buy recently let me know that he's starting up a new blog dedicated to customer engagement via digital signage. While there are plenty of digital signage news, technology and business blogs out there (sometimes I feel like I'm writing a dozen of them myself), there are few devoted to making the content work.  That's where Paul comes in. In his words,
"The digital signage industry is evolving into a network of compelling storytelling, and I feel the time is right to start an open collaboration with brands, agencies, and locations to understand the value of content, shed light on industry trends, and give my thoughts on the industry. I started a new blog because I'm trying to help educate the industry on the value of great content/storytelling in digital signage."
There are already a few articles up, and we expect to see great things from Paul in the future.  So good luck, Paul, and I hope you stick with it. Blogging can quickly turn from a fun passtime to an unhealthy obsession to a giant weight dragging you down to the murky depths.  Here's hoping you can make it past all of that to the plain of mediocre satisfaction :)

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