Thursday, May 19, 2005

RDM and MagicMedia sign deal of some sort

Digital signage network owner Magic Media Networks and technology provider Real Digital Media are partnering to deliver digital signage to gyms across the nation. Given the cash-starved nature of Magic Media, this announcement looks more like stock promotion efforts than any actual evidence of a real deployment taking place.

From their press release:

"Using RDM"s family of NEOCAST digital signage products, Magic Media Networks previously launched the GYM TV destination television across 40 premium Gold"s Gyms and Worlds Gyms throughout Florida. Magic Media Networks is now funding the Health & Fitness digital signage network"s expansion across the United States. The network intends to encompass a minimum of 1000 premium Health & Fitness locations combined with a minimum of 14 National Advertisers. Gym TV will air First Run Hollywood Movie Previews, Music Videos, Fitness, Sports Entertainment and Leisure Advertisements."

You can read the whole article here.

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