Thursday, May 19, 2005

ViewSonic combines flat panel, video over IP

ViewSonic® Corp., a worldwide visual display leader, today announced industry-leading digital signage technology and simple, comprehensive solutions designed to address audiovisual requirements in commercial workplace and public settings. At this week's Digital Retailing Expo in Chicago, the company is demonstrating a wide range of unique configurations, including the industry's first networked display featuring integrated IP networking technology and its first out-of-the-box digital signage bundle for under $1,000. ViewSonic's digital signage strategy leverages the company's leadership in visual technology and furthers the company's vision of the visual experience by providing solutions that range from a single display for small businesses to enterprise solutions that support multiple displays in several locations.

Designed for large-scale installations in markets like retail, hospitality and healthcare, ViewSonic's high-end digital signage solution features industry standard Internet Protocol (IP) networking capabilities within large-screen displays to create the first networked displays that can directly decode video over IP and be remotely managed from virtually anywhere in the world via the Internet. ViewSonic combines its award-winning display and media networking technology with Tivella, Inc.'s Tivella Administration Server to completely eliminate the need for a local PC or video converter box typically required in other digital signage offerings. This streamlined solution significantly improves the total cost of ownership of a digital signage system by increasing reliability, enhancing flexibility and simplifying installations.

Read the press release here.

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