Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Digital Display System Draws Customers To Apparel Boutique

Competing for eyeballs in Las Vegas is hard. Digital signage can make it a little bit easier, according to one company who has tried it out:

"'We selected the digital display system because we believed it would give us a dynamic presentation at the point of purchase that stands out from static signage,' [Tadashi Shoji, president and founder of Los Angeles-based Tadashi Shoji Associates] says. 'According to POPAI [the Point-of-Purchase Advertising Institute], 71% of brand- purchase decisions are made at the point of purchase. We wanted to be as attention grabbing as possible.'

"The boutique's display technology package includes several custom plasma screen light boxes, housed in all-welded extruded aluminum enclosures with an anodized powder-coated finish. It also encompasses the mPulse! system, which is contained in a device attached to the store's back office PC."

You can read the full article here.

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