Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Remote Media rolling out 100 site digital sign network

UK firm Remote Media is planning to roll out a Digital Poster Network across 100+ sites, "as part of a drive by TUI-UK to remain the UK’s largest travel company and market leader in the UK inclusive holiday market, a position it has held since 1974.

"The rollout will initially be within 100 of Thomson Retail shops located throughout the country, which in terms of sites matches the scale of Tesco’s in-store TV network. Thomson has over 750 retail stores including the award-winning flagship Superstore in Leicester.

"This marks an important move forward for Remote Media pioneers in Digital Poster technology. [They] are now able to prove that the concept works on a large scale, is simple to manage and best of all a cost effective solution with no required capital investment. This is the first time Remote Media have introduced Media Sales where airtime ‘slots’ will be sold to third party advertisers.

"Thomson has always been aware of the benefits of Digital Signage and was looking at ways to dynamically update content simply and easily.

"One of the key factors was to minimise capital investment. Discussions led by Remote Media resulted in offering a solution based on Media Sales. This enables Thomson to benefit from Digital Signage whilst generating a steady revenue stream at the same time. So much so that that the income should more than cover the cost of the Digital Poster Network and bring in additional income each month."

The rest of the article (which is pretty interesting) can be read here.

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